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Game B Services

for mutual enrichment 
Are you struggling to create the life and impact you know you could have?
Our 3-year PATH Facilitation services will help you with long-term goals, immediate action steps, and accountability along the way. Learn more.

Are you or your business struggling to leave behind win-lose, degenerative practices? 
Our Game B Coaching Sessions will help you bring the social and ecological focus that you (and your customers) want—based on Game B, Infinite Game, and Doughnut Economics practices. Get started today.
3-Year PATH Facilitation (6-month facilitation program)
Over the course of 2-4 days:
  • Two three-hour sessions to create the PATH (to be delivered within 5 days of the second session)

Over the course of the next six months: 
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Three 90-minute sessions
Optional follow-up sessions after completing the 6-month program
Start a conversation about your 3-year PATH
Game B Coaching
Game B Coaching (weekly, monthly, and one-time sessions)
Weekly sessions
60 minutes, $60 per session

Monthly sessions
90 minutes, $100 per session

One-time sessions
60 minutes, $100 per session

Free 30-minute introductory session
See if Game B Coaching is right for you


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